Born in Mandeville/Jamaica, he already started working as a teenager with numerous sound systems in his neighbourhood. As he became popular he began working with artists like Junior Reid, Shaggy Dread, General Trees, Professor Nuts and many more.

His recording career started in 1991 with "Gold Gun" which was recorded at the South Bank Studio in Montego Bay/ Jamaica.

Following that, amongst others, he began to work with Junior Reid on the J.R. Label, the Washington DC based label "2 tuff" and the legendary New York based sound system/ Label "Massive B". Some of the tracks recorded were released in Jamaica, America and England.

Visiting Germany in 1994, he recorded his first album titled Dutchie Gold. He returned to Europe in 1995 working with artists like Errol Dunkley, Michael Prophet, Nado Ranks and other top performers. 
Further tracks were released on German Reggae compilations: the tracks "Love me by Faith" and "Colour of Skin" on "Ragga Vibes Vol. 4"/ Red Arrow and the tracks "Mr. money man" and "When Jah work come out" on "Dancehall Power Vol. 1"/ White Scorpio.

Based in Frankfurt/ Germany from 1999 and having performed in Africa and Europe, he eventually met up with grooveline music productions. A selection of the work during the past years with grooveline was released on the album "Mission to righteousness".

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